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Welcome to
Tshenolo Waste.

We provide total waste management solutions to health care practitioners and institutions (private and public), as well as residential, industrial and commercial customers.

We follow the letter and the spirit of all the relevant legislation, and we supply waste containers to help our customers collect, sort and segregate general, hazardous and recyclable waste.

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There is no time to waste!

Who Cares? We do!

Waste management begins when you’ve decided that something is no longer useful, and only ends once we’ve processed it in the best possible way – extracting value along the way.


Our Focus & Drive

People produce waste, and other people clean up the mess. That’s why we place people at the heart of our business. We believe that by building a successful business, we can alleviate economic hardship through job creation and building cohesive teams.

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Our Framework

Tshenolo Waste understands the health care risk waste landscape, and we are always willing to share this knowledge in the interests of solving the problems associated with the management of all types of waste, throughout South Africa.

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Why Recycle?

Recycling involves converting used materials into new, useful products. This reduces the demand for virgin raw materials and the volume of waste in landfill sites. It’s much more energy-efficient, and much less harmful to the environment.

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What we offer

Waste Management Services
Waste Containers

This is one part of our business that we’d be happy to see decrease. Reduced demand for waste containers means less waste is being created – and more materials are being recycled.

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Collection & Transportation

When it comes to container selection, waste separation, protective equipment, emergency response/spillage kits and training, we see the relevant regulations as a minimum standard.

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Training & Development

When a new employee joins Tshenolo Waste, we see this as an opportunity to provide accredited training on the handling, segregation, packaging and transportation of Healthcare Risk Waste.

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Waste Storage

Tshenolo Waste has excellent relations with other waste treatment companies, giving us access to additional treatment and waste storage facilities at Enviroserv in Roodepoort.

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Our Products
  • Sharps Containers
  • Speci-Bins (Anatomical)
  • Pharmaceutical Containers
  • Fasteners
  • Corrugated Boxes
  • Liners
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